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White Belt Curriculum

You will find videos on this page for White belt for stances, forms, hand techniques, foot techniques, one-step sparring and self-defense.

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Stances (Seogi)

  • Closed Stance (Moa Seogi)

  • Parallel Stance (Aranhi Seogi)

  • Riding Stance (Ju Choom Seogi)

  • Front Stance (Ap Kubi Seogi)

  • Back Stance (Dwit Seogi)
Forms (Poomsae)

  • Dragon Form

  • Kicho IL-bo
Hand Techniques (Sonkisul)

  • Down Block (Arae makki)

  • High Block (Olgul Makki)

  • Middle Punch Riding Stance (Joochoom Momtong Jireaugi)

  • Front Hand Middle Punch (Bandae Jireugi)

  • High Punch (Olgul Jireugi)
Foot Techniques (Barkisul)

  • Rising Stretch Kick (Apcha Olligi)

  • Crossing Kick (Apcha Dolriki)

  • Front Snap Kick (Ap Chagi)

  • Knee Strike (Mureup Chagi)

  • Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi)
One-Step Sparring (han bun kyorugi)

  • High Block High Punch
Self-Defense (Hosinsul)

  • Same Side Wrist Escape (White Belt)

  • Cross Hand Wrist Escape (White Belt)

  • Two Hand Grab Same Side Wrist Escape (White Belt)

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