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Farrell's Instructors

Our instructors are dedicated to providing our students with the knowledge, tools and resources to reach their full potential inside the dojang and in life. Meet our team of instructors!



Master Daniel Fath

6th Degree Black Belt, Director of Martial Arts

danny and audraBlack Belt Since:
Instructor Since: 1994
Why Taekwondo: Free sparring and competitive aspects of the sport, as well as watching my students develop their skills and further their understanding of the martial art.

Master Fath started taking Taekwondo in 1991 at the age of 6 at a small 'PAK Family' club in Madrid, IA. When the club shut down a few short years later he began practicing in Ames with Grandmaster Yong Chin Pak. In 1994, Grandmaster Pak suggested he seek out Farrell's U.S. Martial Arts, where he could find kids his own age to work out with. Master Fath was heavily involved in the Farrell's competition team as well as with assisting instructing classes. After several years of watching every single one of his practices, his Mother, Rosemarie Fath, finally decided to start Taekwondo. A few years after that, so did his Father, Jim Fath. Master Fath continued training and competing throughout high school and placing at many national level competitions, including U.S. Junior Olympics, U.S. Open, and U.S. Senior Nationals. After graduating from high school, he spent a month in Korea training and experiencing the culture.

Master Fath came to attend Iowa State University and training with the ISU Taekwondo team once again. While with ISU, he competed in many Collegiate National competitions and in 2004 won the Gold Medal in sparring in his weight division. This victory awarded him the opportunity to compete at the U.S. Team Trials. Upon graduation from ISU with a degree in marketing, Master Fath began working full time as the Director of Martial arts for Farrell's in March of 2015.

Master Fath has two young daughters, Audra and Jovie, who are the center of his universe. In his free time he enjoy bowling, watching movies and riding his motorcycle.



Master Brandon Miller

6th Degree Black Belt, Director of Instruction & Head Beaverdale Instructor
BrandonMiller-RankBlack Belt Since: 1997
Instructor Since: 2001
Why Taekwondo: I love Taekwondo for the chance to push your boundaries mentally, physically and spiritually. The sense of community and family at Farrell’s is like no other activity I’ve ever participated in. Being involved with something that allows you to constantly improve and help others to do the same.

Master Miller has lived in Iowa his entire life. He was born in Waterloo then moved to Des Moines for early schooling. He started Taekwondo with Farrell’s U.S. Martial Arts after the first location open under the Plaza Lanes bowling alley in 1989. He has been a student of Master Farrell’s ever since. He resides in Urbandale, IA, with his daughter.



Master Todd Dorr

5th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor
ToddDorr-RankBlack Belt Since: 1986
Instructor Since: 1984
Why Taekwondo: The character one develops through hard work, focus, and discipline by years of martial arts training.

Master Dorr is a 5th degree black belt and is the first black belt awarded from Farrell’s U.S. Martial Arts. Master Dorr started taking Taekwondo classes with Master Lance Farrell in the summer of 1982 at Guthrie Center High School, started teaching class in 1984 after Master Farrell relocated to Creston, Iowa, and received his black belt in 1986. He participated in numerous Jr. Olympic, Collegiate National, and U.S. Sr. National Taekwondo championships under the tutelage of both Master Farrell and Grandmaster Yong Chin Pak of Iowa State University.



Jr. Master Ryan Bishop

4th Degree Black Belt, Head Waukee Instructor
Ryan Bishop PhotoBlack Belt Since: 2007
Instructor Since: 2008
Why Taekwondo: Taekwondo is not all about kicking and punching. I think of Taekwondo on more of the values that are taught here at Farrell’s such as self-discipline for your own actions, respect to everyone that you see and the perseverance one takes through practice of Martial Arts which is why I am blessed to be a part of something so special!

Master Bishop has lived in Des Moines, IA his whole life and couldn’t be in a happier place. His family put him in Farrell’s when he was just seven years old back in August of 1998 and he is very thankful of his mother and grandmother for putting him in something that he truly loves to do every day! Being a part of my students’ lives six days a week makes every day unique and also challenging for me but couldn’t be any happier anywhere else! In Master Bishop’s spare time, he loves to teach cardio kickboxing classes also located at Farrell’s, going to the gym as often as he can, going disc golfing and also loves weather, especially thunderstorms!



Bret Parkhill

4th Degree Judo Black Belt, Head Judo Instructor
Bret Parkhill ImageMr. Parkhill has been involved in the sport of Judo for 26 years. He began his Judo training in Norman, Oklahoma under the coaching of 1972 & 1976 Judo Olympian, Patrick Burris. He was an active competitor up until 2008, winning many regional and state competitions. He now devotes himself to coaching others and has been coaching Judo continuously in Des Moines since 1992.



Jr. Master Zach Miner

4th Degree Black Belt, Instructor
Black Belt Since: 2006
Instructor Since: 2006
Why Taekwondo: The community, as well as the effect it has on my attitude.

Mr. Miner is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and has been an instructor at Farrell’s U.S. Martial Arts since 2006. Mr. Miner joined Taekwondo in 1998 after deciding he needed a major change in his life. One of his fondest Taekwondo memories is when he received his 3rd Dan Black Belt from Iowa State University from Grandmaster Yong Chin Pak.

Mr. Miner grew up in Grimes, IA and attended Dallas Center – Grimes schools. He has met many people through Farrell’s U.S. Martial Arts and continues to train there despite now living in Ames.

Outside of Taekwondo, Mr. Miner likes spending time playing video games and building computers. He believes in giving back to the Taekwondo community, takes pride in leading a Farrell's U.S. Martial Arts Demo Team, and enjoys coaching at many tournaments.



Jr. Master Dave Corson

3rd Degree Black Belt, Instructor
DaveCorson-RankBlack Belt Since: 2003
Instructor Since: 2001
Why Taekwondo: Physical and Mental Well-Being, Mentoring fellow students in achieving their goals in and outside the dojang, ‘Family’ mentality.

In October, 2011, Mr. Corson earned his 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, having joined Farrell’s U.S. Martial Arts in 1998 along with his then-girlfriend, now wife, Michelle, to help support her in learning self-defense techniques. He himself learned that he loved being in Taekwondo more than he thought possible, becoming an Instructor in 2001. He continues to teach the Little Dragons 4-7 year-old program as well as all age groups and belt levels. Attesting to the family atmosphere at Farrell’s U.S. Martial Arts, Mr. Corson is especially proud that is own daughter, Chelsea, who is well on her way to someday becoming a Black Belt!

Mr. Corson hails from Raleigh, North Carolina and has called Iowa home since 1984. He graduated from Drake University is an IT Help Desk Lead with Catholic Health Initiatives, working at Mercy Medical Center. He is also a founding member and coach of Team Elite, one of Farrell’s U.S. Martial Arts' martial arts demo teams that performs at various functions through the area. One of the best things Mr. Corson likes about being in Taekwondo is that he is considered a role model and positive influence by fellow students and parents, so he continually strives to maintain that perception both in and out of the classroom.

Outside of Taekwondo Mr. Corson is, to paraphrase Joe Walsh, just an ordinary average guy. He is an avid car modeler, practices guitar, and is an amateur storm chaser. He loves spending as much time as possible with his lovely wife and daughter, especially on typical Sunday afternoon car rides in his Mustang, or visiting any park his daughter decides they should go to.



Jr. Master Nora Crosthwaite

4th Degree Black Belt, Instructor
Nora SidekickBlack Belt Since: 2003
Instructor Since: 2011
Why Taekwondo: Because I love it! It's my stress relief and my way to push myself to be healthier. I love being with the other students and instructors, and also enjoy watching the kids improve and grow. Finally, I get to do TKD with my daughter, and I am so blessed to have that with her!

I grew up in Austin, Texas, and went to the University of Texas at Austin (Go Longhorns!). After that, I moved around for a couple of years between Houston and Austin until I met my husband, Paul. We have lived in Milwaukee, Memphis, back to Milwaukee, and now Des Moines. We had our daughter Layla in 2008, and moved here to Iowa in 2010.

I started in TKD when I was fifteen, when my younger brother started taking it to increase his confidence. From the first, I liked the technical aspects of how to chamber and load punches and kicks. Since 1994, I've moved quite a bit, and have always found the taekwondo dojang wherever I've lived. From these experiences, I've made many lifelong friends.

Paul and I are sci-fi and fantasy geeks, and we enjoy gaming, movies, and specific TV shows. We also like being outside in the summer with Layla, and we love to travel to new places (next trip is back to Europe, I hope!). Finally, I am a full-time REALTOR® with Keller Williams Realty here in Des Moines, and love helping people find their next home.



Jr. Master Anita Hyon

3rd Degree Black Belt, Instructor
Anita HyonBlack Belt Since: 2007
Instructor Since: 2007
Why Taekwondo: Initially, it was mainly for a fun martial art exercise opt to do with my children. Now, it is a great source of positive physical, mental and emotional healthy way of life for me. And not only does TKD provide opportunities to learn new things to challenge myself with, I find great joy in seeing students learn, grow and improve both from a martial arts and a maturity perspective.

I grew up in Hilo, Hawai’i on the Big Island. I am married and have a 21-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter. My first exposure to Taekwondo was with Farrell’s when my son was six and started in the Little Dragons program. I got pulled and hooked into Taekwondo with the Mother’s Day special in May 2001!

I have always had a passion for any kind of martial arts from a young age. I started my martial arts lifestyle in Shorin-ryu karate in Hawaii before moving to Iowa. Although I am no longer too active with music these days, I have a love of music that includes playing the piano, ukulele and sanshin (Okinawan-Japanese-style guitar).

I LOVE to eat different kinds of foods! Especially any kind of ethnic food. I also enjoy reading, watching movies, attending different kinds of ethnic celebration, any kind of animal/insect, spending time with my kids and shopping!



Mr. Richard Puhl

2nd Degree Black Belt, Instructor
rich puhlBlack Belt Since: October 2014  
Instructor Since: 2013
Why Taekwondo: It provides focus, discipline and it is a family activity.

I began assisting Master Corson with the Little Dragons program in 2013 as a Green Belt. I embarked on a "temporary" teaching assignment to help him out during a job transition. Who knew that temporary would turn into more than three years!

My involvement with Taekwondo all started with our son, Matthew. We wanted him to be involved with an activity to help with his focus. It certainly didn't hurt that Farrell's was right around the corner from our house. As my wife and I saw the growth in him during the Dragons and Tigers programs, I realized that this would be a great opportunity to grow with him. So in June 2011, I became a student (instead of just an annoying parent trying to help). This was a tremendous opportunity to be part of my son's life, but it was also an opportunity to help myself as well. My weight was a little higher than I liked. My health was only OK. I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids. Most certainly my classes with Master Miller and Master Dorr would aid in my conditioning - in spades! But more, I found that the Dragons program was so beneficial to my son (and soon, daughter) - that I wanted to give back and show how it could be helpful to other children. So, I began to assist with Master Corson as much as I could. As with my own growth, you learn that Taekwondo isn't about kicking, forms or self-defense. It is truly about the development of a person's character. It is my goal to have a positive impact on my Dragons as much as possible - to see changes in their character as I was privileged to see the changes in my own children.

I am a transplanted New Yorker and have been happy to call Beaverdale home for the past 13 years with my wife Suzanne and our 2 children - Matthew and Sarah.  I put food on the table by writing software for the State of Iowa (which, is why we moved here).  With any free time I have, it tends to be filled up with taking care of ponies (Chasing Laurels).  I have also found in the past few years that I enjoy refereeing - after all, those who can - DO.  Those who can't - Referee! :-)   Teaching and Refereeing are my way of giving back to the Sport that has meant so much to my family.

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