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5 Ways to Eliminate Holiday Stress

The holidays bring about joy and fun, but they also bring about unnecessary stress, stress that is usually self-inflicted. Stress does us no good, physically or mentally. It worsens already existing health conditions and can bring to light new ones. When we overextend ourselves, we wear away at our bodies.


This holiday season, we challenge you to eliminate unnecessary stress. This is a time of year to be grateful for what you have, to give back, and to enjoy time spent with family and friends.


Here are five ways to eliminate holiday-induced stress!


1. Experiences instead of gifts. Experiences are more memorable and special than gifts. No one needs the latest smartphone, video game, or toy. Instead of spending hours upon hours of shopping, use that money towards an experience for your family. It may be going to the movies or bowling together, going to the ice rink or maybe even heading out of town for a night to focus on your family.


2. Giving instead of getting. It’s important to teach our children the values of needs versus wants. Of course, as a parent, it’s difficult not to indulge and spoil a little bit, but it is also important children understand that giving feels better and is helping someone in need. Ask them to go through gently used clothes, toys, and games, and to set those aside to donate to children who don’t have much or are in need. Take them to the store to shop for gifts for charities like Toys for Tots or Shoes That Fit, or other charities and have them drop them off.


3. Keep food simple. A lot of money can be spent on hosting and food over the holidays. The most important is the company, not the food. Keep it simple and healthy. Veggie and fruit platters, a roast in the crock pot, a couple of sides, and a salad. Healthier food will keep you more energized and feeling better, and save your headaches and money!


4. Get your rest! From holiday parties to events, we tend to overbook ourselves during the holidays, which adds on a lot of stress and wear and tear on our bodies. Select the most important events to attend, not all of them. Next year you can go to the ones you missed this year. Getting enough rest at night and in general will help you stay stress-free.


5. Keep your routine. There’s nothing worse than getting off your routine and then trying to get back on. For all family members, make sure routines are kept the same, from physical activities and lessons, like TKD classes to bedtimes and dinner times. This ensures better moods and helps keep energy up through the holidays.



At the end of the season, you will look back at the memories made, not the specific gifts. Ensure a happy and healthy holiday season by avoiding unnecessary stress and enjoying extra time with family and friends!



Farrells Martial Arts Kicker LogoTKD Tip: In addition to the fun outings and experiences you can attend as a family, consider other experiences that will make a big impact, such as volunteering for local charities and organizations. This could be serving food, helping the Salvation Army at their locations ringing the bell for donations, volunteering at church or nursing homes, and more. There are many opportunities to help during this season and all year around!




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