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Family Fun Activities

On average, families only spend about 38 minutes of quality time a day together. That’s not hard to believe between school, activities, homework, and other distractions, such as iPads and TV’s.

Studies have shown that the benefits of spending quality time include:

1. Teaching children how to bond and build relationships

2. Better grades and less likely to partake in dangerous activities

3. Less behavioral issues

4. Build self-confidence

5. Encourages good deeds

6. Lower stress

7. Making healthier choices (if parents also lead by example)

8. Develops nurturing skills and future parenting skills

So as you can see even when schedules can be difficult to work around, it’s important to make quality time with the family.

How can you get in more quality time?

Make it a priority and schedule it into your daily and weekly routine. Here are a few ideas to get your started towards more family quality time:

1. No electronics zone. Establish rules around electronics and schedule in “no electronics hour” where kids (and parents) go device-free.

2. Family game night. Plan for game night every week and assign each person in the family a week to pick the game that’s played.

3. Family outings. It can be difficult to prioritize quality time when there are chores and other household needs to attend to, but every month, schedule a fun family outing. This could be Boy reading with parentvisiting a pumpkin patch, the zoo, a museum – anywhere where you can learn and converse together. Even simple walks after dinner can help.

4. Cook together. On average, meals take about 30-45 minutes to prepare and cook. Include the whole family, which not only gives them lifelong healthy skills, but gives you time to talk and catch up about your days.

5. Story time. Not only do you get to share time, but reading stories with your children may encourage them to talk to you based on similarities in the story. Even if your children are old enough to read by themselves, set aside time to read a favorite book together – or better yet, maybe even listen to one together.


Farrells Martial Arts Kicker LogoTKD Tip: Don’t try to force too much time together at once. Make small, gradual changes that are realistic and can be lifelong changes. When we try to do too much at once, we get overwhelmed and quit. Small changes mean big success.

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