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5 Unique Summer Activities for Kids

Young boy paddle boardingThe end of the school year is fast approaching and it’s time to plan those summer activities for your kids to burn energy and keep busy!

Of course there are the usual summertime camps, but we’ve put together some more out-of-the-box ideas to consider sprinkling in your child’s summer plans to keep them busy and learning.

1. Volunteer. Ask your child(ren) to select an organization or something they would like dedicating their time to this summer. It’s a great character-builder and teaches selflessness. In addition, they may learn new skills or improve current ones. This could be anything from reading to younger children, to making or serving meals to visiting sick children in the hospital.

2. Summer project. Projects are great for helping kids learn time and task management. Ask them to come up with a project they can complete over the course of the summer. It may be starting a garden or building a fort to knitting a blanket or learning to cook. Help them write out small, weekly goals to complete their larger summer goal.

3. Summer job. If they are older, such as teenagers, consider having them start a small summer job. It could be a few hours at the local library or grocery store, mowing lawns or babysitting in the neighborhood, but this will teach good communication skills, money management and responsibility.

4. Journal. Help build their writing skills and work on memory by having them keep a summer journal of all their activities. For younger children, consider having them create a weekly collage of the things they did.

5. Structured class. Kids need a break, but too much time without structure may mean headaches getting back into a routine come fall when school begins. Consider a short summer class like Farrell’s AIM HIGH program or other weekly class they can attend to keep a schedule and keep focused.

The most important thing all year round is that your child is active, eating healthy and learning. Limit screen time for rainy days or special occasions and get them outdoors and active as much as possible for their best development.

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