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Talking to Your Kids about Violence

The recent news about the fallen police officers here in Des Moines and Urbandale has put us in shock, to say the least. Our hearts are heavy with grief and sadness for these officers, their families, the police force and the communities.

While we unfortunately will never be able to avoid tragedies such as these, we can use these times to educate our children about violence, right and wrong and how to stand tall.

Opening up a dialogue and allowing them to ask you questions is extremely important for teaching children right and wrong. Explaining to them what happened, that someone made bad choices and what the possible consequences of their actions will be helps children put together an understanding that violence is not acceptable.

Younger children may not understand everything that’s happening (or care for that matter), but it’s still important to talk with them. Tell them why you are sad and explain to them in scenarios that they can relate to – such as using words like “naughty”, “bad” and for those with big imaginations, it may be easier for them to understand when used in the context of “villains” and “superheroes”.

In our martial arts program, we strive to teach children how to handle themselves to avoid violence and what to do when confronted with violence. All of our techniques are based in self-defense. While our students know how to defend themselves, we teach them the most important principle - avoid bad situations by walking away or telling an authority figure.

In these situations, watch your child for any signs of continued anxiety or stress. If this continues, then consider seeking professional guidance from a therapist or pediatrician.

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