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Halloween Safety Tips

We’re pretty sure your children are probably still deciding what they want to dress up for Halloween. While they continue to be indecisive until the last minute and decide to go with their first choice after all, you don’t need to be indecisive on sharing with them safety tips for trick or treating.

Halloween is a time to have fun, but unfortunately it can also be dangerous as it gets dark early and cars and people tend to be less aware of their surroundings.

Here are few safety tips to share with your kids and talk to them about before they head out to gather your year-supply of sugar!

Halloween Safety Tips:

1. Light Up. Have your child bring a flashlight or something to help make others aware they are around (especially if their costume is dark-colored). Glow sticks or reflector tape on their bags or backs are other options to help keep them noticeable to cars and others.

2. Group Fun. Depending on the age of your children, make sure they are with a group and everyone is aware of who is in the group so no one gets left behind or lost. All the masks and costumes make it difficult to keep track, but remember, safety in numbers!

3. Timer or Watch. If your child is older and allowed to be out on their own, make sure they know when they are expected home and have them wear a watch or use a timer on their phone.

4. Know the Area. Make sure your children (if old enough) know where they are allowed to go and to stick to familiar areas.

5. Streets. It can be hard for children to remember to look both ways when crossing the street (especially if older kids are running amuck), but remind them the importance and to always look before crossing.

TKD Tip:
With all the fun of Halloween, sometimes manners are forgotten as kids run through yards. Make sure your little ones remember to mind their manners, walking from house to house, waiting their turn, being respectful of others and saying “thank you.”


Parent/Child Activity: Have your child help you put reflective tape on their treat bag/bin and tell you what they think are good safety tips for trick or treating. When they get home, sit with your child to go through their candy and make sure there aren’t any choking hazards or candy they can’t have. Remind them the importance of moderation and that Halloween isn’t just about the candy, but the fun as well! See if they can remember how many different costumes they saw!

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