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Preparing For Sick Season

Fall means outdoor allergies, colds and the beginning of flu season. It also doesn’t help that kids are back in school spreading their germs in the classroom, on the playground and on the buses.

So how do you help prevent (or prepare) for this season? Check out these tips:

1. Hand washing. It’s simple, but kids get busy and don’t always remember to wash their hands. It’s important all year round, but especially now when they are exposed to more germs and outdoor pollens with the changing season.

2. Carry hand sanitizer. There’s a reason they now have cute holders for those travel-size hand sanitizer bottles. Send them with your kids in their backpacks and teach them the appropriate times to use them (before eating, after being outdoors, after sneezing, etc.). Of course they should be washing their hands, but if that’s not available, hand sanitizer is a savior!

3. Keep them active. Studies have shown that exercise can boost circulation of infection-fighting cells, decreasing the numbers of sick episodes by up to 50%.1 Taekwondo is a great year-round activity to kids both physically and mentally active. We offer programs for every age and offer a two-week free trial for anyone interested in joining!

4. Eat healthy. Make sure your kids are getting a good, balanced diet. Many foods act as natural medicines and have lots of vitamins and immune-boosting nutrients. Even if a fruit or vegetable is out of season, purchase frozen to get those healthy foods in their bodies.

5. Rest. It’s important that kids (and adults alike) get enough rest. Sleep deprivation can breed a higher risk for catching an illness, so ensure they are getting their minimum amounts of zzzz’s.

TKD Tip:
Germs are spread through the eyes, mouth and nose. Make sure your kids know this and that touching their face after touching germs is how they get sick (as well as coughing or sneezing on others). Teach them to cover their mouths/noses and to always wash their hands.

Parent/Child Activity: Sit down with your child(ren) and brainstorm ideas of how they can help prevent getting sick. This helps them understand how people get sick (sharing cups, not washing hands, etc.). They may also be more apt to help clean to avoid germs.



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