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All About Attitude

A positive or negative attitude is a choice. Our attitudes define how we handle difficult situations, challenges and obstacles in life.

Similar to other habits, a positive attitude needs to be taught and displayed for children to learn. Having a positive attitude will not only help them become happier and more productive individuals, but research has shown it can also help their physical health by reducing and handling stress better.

Try these tips for teaching your kids how to have a positive attitude:

Focus on Accomplishments. In general, we tend to focus on the negatives in our life. For children, this may be a bad grade or difficulty learning a new skill. Teach your children to focus on the accomplishments, regardless of how big or small they may be. Learning to tie shoes, putting away dishes by themselves, doing their own laundry, even dressing themselves – these are accomplishments that build confidence. They are learning to focus on the positive.

Ask your children to identify a daily accomplishment and have them tell you each night before bed.

Be Thankful. Research has shown that you cannot feel stressed and blessed at the same time. So you can see why it’s important to teach your children to be thankful. Stress is a driver for a negative attitude as well as health issues. Have your children write down (if they are old enough) or tell you each day a few items they are thankful or grateful for. Make this a daily ritual so it becomes embedded in their personality and outlook on life.

Control. Children need to learn and understand what they can and cannot control to avoid unnecessary stress. For instance, they cannot control events in their life, but they can control their reactions and the outcome. Teach them to react positively to events and teach them to take control of the outcome they want.

KickerTKD Tip: It’s natural to be negative– it’s a part of our human DNA. Tell you children it’s ok to have negative thoughts, but encourage them to try to turn a negative thought into a positive one.



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