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Aim High Graduation at Waukee
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Chores for Every Age

We’ve put together a list of responsibilities that are perfect for different ages to ensure you get your mileage out of free labor while you can and before your kids move out of the house!

Teaching Your Kids to Cook

Teaching your child to cook will give them a life-long skill that will not only build self-confidence, but also build independence. Plus, it will be really convenient for you when they start complaining about being hungry as they’ll be capable of making food themselves! Check out our tips on how to teach your kids to cook!

10 Easy & Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Being active everyday is great, but it’s also important that children continue to eat healthy and nutritious food to keep their energy levels up during the hot, active summer months. Check out our list of 10 healthy snack ideas that will keep up with busy summer schedules and keep your kids full and energized.

Instructor ProfileMeet Our Team

Ryan Bishop PhotoRyan Bishop, Head Waukee Instructor

Black Belt Since:
Instructor Since: 2008
Why Taekwondo: Taekwondo is not all about kicking and punching. I think of Taekwondo on more of the values that are taught here at Farrell’s such as self-discipline for your own actions, respect to everyone that you see and the perseverance one takes through practice of Martial Arts which is why I am blessed to be a part of something so special!

Master Bishop has lived in Des Moines, IA his whole life and couldn’t be in a happier place. His family put him in Farrell’s when he was just seven years old back in August of 1998 and he is very thankful of his mother and grandmother for putting him in something that he truly loves to do every day! Being a part of my students’ lives six days a week makes every day unique and also challenging for me but couldn’t be any happier anywhere else! In Master Bishop’s spare time, he loves to teach cardio kickboxing classes also located at Farrell’s, going to the gym as often as he can, going disc golfing and also loves weather, especially thunderstorms!




Location Info

Beaverdale School         Waukee School
2706 Beaver Ave.            215 N. Warrior Lane
Des Moines, IA 50310       Waukee, IA 50263
515-255-0095                  515-978-3000